Monday, December 15, 2008

Kevin Moore Invitational Blues Jam : 15 Years Gone... Now Back Here At Harvelle's

Kevin Moore's homecoming last week, was a hell of a way to start his Monday night residency at Harvelle's.

The Invitational Jam's (which will continue through the end of December) featured guests included vocalists Ty Taylor (The Ghosthounds) and the smooth soulful Heather Lauren

Kevin and the band ripped through awesome versions of "Love & Happiness", "It's A Real Mutha For Ya", "Born Under A Bad Sign" "The Christmas Song" and his own "Shave Yo Legs". 

His monster backup band tore through some gut-crunching blues-funk, blues-rock and blues-soul and had the Monday night crowd dancing in the aisles. With his easy going style onstage and obvious audience rapport, Kevin demonstrated his incredible guitar prowess and proved why he is at the top of his game.

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Marmaduke's said...

Enjoyed playing a couple of songs with these guys, it happening again??