Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night Blues : Key, Hook and Kirk (And Lux)

Key Frances
Hook Herrera

Kirk Fletcher

Hook Herrera is a bluesman's bluesman. Triple threat - singer/guitarist/harpist - Hook brought his Friday night jam on and I crashed the party. Good thing I did, this blues powerhouse rocked the stuffed-tighter-than-a-sausage crowd all night long. 
Guest guitarist Kirk Fletcher dazzled the senses with tasty mutha-f*ckin' solos, bringing forth amazement and delight as his fingers skipped across the fretboard of his sunburst Les Paul.
Also sitting in was Key Frances, who shook the foundation with his own brand of swamp blues overload!!! Goo-goo muck* indeed!

A hell of way to kick off the weekend, in which, part 2 (Sat night), Dennis Jones will take the party to the next level. If you missed tonight, come early and catch up. 

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