Monday, February 2, 2009

The Toledo Show : Slightly Hung Over

The Toledo Show cranked it up a notch tonight. Their Sunday night residency continues to thrill the crowd, and dazzle with incredible musicianship, those hot dancers and the cabaret atmosphere they bring with 'em. Down on 4th St. in Santa Monica it was a party and a half. I met some great folks from Yonkers, NY and the band sounded better than ever. Brian Allen's thunderous bass riffs never stopped, guitarist Rok channeled Eddie Hazel and Vernon Reid during his featured solos, Sebastian rocked the trumpet, Asa pouned the skins into submission and Brew improvised on the keys. Singers Malik and Shamari sang their respective hearts out and the incomparable Walter Davis maceo'd his way to the top of the mix for the over-the-top-excitement factor he brings with him wherever/whenever he performs.

In the morning, I'll be slightly hung over and I really shouldn't have eaten that bacon double cheeseburger from Jack-in-the-Box I picked up on the way home. But I know it was worth it. A club full of music fans I'm sure would agree. Carlos? Jackie? Nate? Viv?

(Big shout-outs to John and Emily)

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