Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jessie Payo : Stocking Stuffer

Recently, Harvelle's released a CD of live performances by some of it's most popular acts who play at the Westside blues bar. "Soul Of A Man" by Jessie Payo is the last track on the CD and also the most devastating. It burns through the speakers and sends shivers down the spine.

In person, it's pretty much the same except you have the dazzling visual of Jessie herself. A rare beauty with long dark hair and stage prescence to spare, she is electric, mind-blowing and rocks the house to it's core.

Jessie Payo is here Friday night.

Tonight: Get your bunnyz fix.
The return of Grillin' Bunnyz.
From fun to funky, the Grillin' Bunnyz handle both ends of the spectrum.

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