Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Workin and Broke : Soul Funk

There's nothing that sucks more than being broke around the holidays, and when you're working hard, it's like adding insult to injury. At Harvelle's the Tuesday night SoulFunk is a veritable church visit, one and all testifying. Blues and jazz and people playing to their hearts content, is a sure way to escape the bleakness of the situation. So I'm gonna be polite and comb my hair and be gracious this season and white knuckle it into 2010, where the future is.

OK. So this past Tuesday.... Ryan Cross brought his crew through. Keith Eaddy on bass, Dennis Hamm on keys and Gene Coye on drums. Featured singers Nicole and Tina sang some Xmas classics and some R&B and blues in tandem and solo.

Mayia Sykes took the stage and sang her heart out; she thawed me a little too. John Beasley - a keyboardist with an amazing resume - sat in on a few tunes. There's a video of Maiya jamming with Mr Beasley I have posted here. Lisa Foreman brought down the house with her sheer funkiness.

I hung out with guitarist Tom McNalley and chanteuse Hilary Van Lier throughout the night, and left broke - but slightly more enthused about life. A special shout out to Marcas Johnson, a keyboardist that sat in and a cool guy that I've recently gotten to know a bit.

I don't expect it to be any less funky this week.

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