Friday, April 23, 2010

Harlow Gold : Pasties and A G-String

The last 2 Thursdays of the month, burlesque troupe Harlow Gold take over Harvelle's. The ladies' reputation preceeds them. The women of Harlow Gold are fierce, sexy and amazing dancers. Performing in venues all over the world, I'm pretty sure they are internationally known.

Debuting their new show in Santa Monica to a sold out west side audience tonight - every table and every barstool was filled.

And everyone knows that Harvelle's is the best place to see burlesque.

The club pioneered the burlesque revival with it's Bongo Fury spectacle that was here Tuesday nights for many years.

The whole club is theirs. They bump and grind from the front to the stage and back again.

Those in attendance stayed and danced after. They were apparently revved up from the performance.

Next Thursday we'll do it again.

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Tomorrow night:
Rock N Roll with Paul Warren.

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Jenni said...

OMG, I loved this show. I went last week. It was amazing, so damn hot! But I am going crazy over the music. I am trying to find it all. Is there a CD to buy or someone that can help me find some of teh songs?