Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Return Of Rachel Lynn

Rachel Lynn has been traveling the world - mostly Asia - for the past year and a half. Tonight she returned to share adventures of her travels, singing songs of love, anger, desire and temptation.

A year and a half ago she stood on this same stage and belted out her movie theme tour-de-force "On A Dark And Stormy Night". Co-written by Anthony Brewster - leader of the House Of Vibe- the sweeping drama was showcased among some of RL's great originals and is one of my favorite tunes in her set.

Now she's back and all business. Her voice is so much stronger and emotive, she is a true pleasure to listen to.

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her now that she's back in the lower 48.

House Of Vibe took over from there and provided the SRO Wednesday night crowd something to cheer and dance to.
(Pictured below: Kris on guitar and Pete on the drums.)

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Location:4th St,Santa Monica,United States

special thanks to David and Cevin
love to cast and crew : Mika and Candise, Ernesto, Stan, Joseph and Guy
big shout-outs to Sebastian, Jon Swift, Pete Antunes, Tony Tarasco, Raphael, Shaunte and RL!!!

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Steph Johnson said...

Sweet! This girl rocks! :) xo