Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arthur Adams : Home Brewin'

To hear Arthur Adams sing the blues is nothing short of hearing the sweetest soul music imaginable.

Beyond earthly, his sad slow voice echoes times of yore when things were simpler - when if all you had was three chords- you figured out a way to make them into many songs and entertain for hours.

It's said that singing the blues isn't to make yourself feel better, but rather to make those listening feel worse.

Arthur doesn't play that. He's here to party, to make you dance, to walk out into the crowd with his wireless Gibson ES335 and shred among the masses.

Arthur Adams is doubtlessly the last of his breed. He does what a lot of blues singin' muthas used to do. But none of them have the chops, tenacity and skills of Arthur Adams. And he's survived them all.

Arthur Adams plays Harvelle's every once in a while. Check in and come down to see him live.
(While he's still alive).

Thx Always David & Cevin
Special thx to Lou Castro (Arthur Adam's bassist)
Shout outs to Mika, John, Samantha, Nesto, Joseph and
West 4th/Jane

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