Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Trouble : Gettin' Down In Trouble Town

Pix : top to bottom
-Rick Barrio Dill - keeps em dancing with his bass
-Ty Taylor channeling Al Green
-Charlie Brumbly - doin' it! on harmonica and vocals
-Nalle Colt & Richard Danielson
keep it rock steady on guitar and drums
-Nalle keeps his guitar riffs tasty

Vintage Trouble just came out with their debut CD The Bomb Shelter Sessions*!

The release party last night was off-da-hook. It was a perfect night out in Santa Monica... end of the summer breezes kept our provence by-the-sea nice and mild. Inside was another story. A sauna at full blast was what it felt like on the dance floor. Ty was singing and dancing, sweat was pouring, everybody was "kung-fu fighting", girls were stripping down in
the aisles to try to cool down
...and the band played on!!!
Proving why this may just be the hardest working band in town, they'll
be back on the Harvelle's stage front & center this coming Tuesday, and
every other Tuesday after that!

The first time I saw Vintage Trouble I was pretty impressed, not only by the band itself, but by the amount of people in the audience who knew the lyrics to the songs! Now, a month later, I know about half of their lyrics and am out there with my singing brethren.

*The Bomb Shelter Sessions is available at all major outlets and through the band website.

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all photos shot at Harvelle's with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone

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