Monday, October 11, 2010

House Of Vibe : Chali 2NA In Da House!

I don't like seafood.
I don't like anything that come from the ocean. Maybe it's the briney-ness or the texture... not sure but keep it away from me.
But I like Chali 2na!!
Not the mascot for Starkist™, or the radio D.J., but the rapper - of Jurassic 5, so it was a surprise to find out he was joining House Of Vibe for their *special* Friday night show (House Of Vibe plays every Wednesday at Harvelle's).
Chali and the House Of Vibe just got back from touring all over North America (including a bunch of shows in Canada).

Chali recently released Fish Market Part 2!! If you haven't, check it out!! Real hip-hop for the heads out there.

Big shout outs to David and Cevin @ Harvelle's, Deploi, Tony Tarrasco, Jamie Brewster, Anthony Brewster, Laidlaw and Johnny Ringo.

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