Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vintage Trouble : Every Tuesday

They call it Trouble Tuesday because the band Vintage Trouble headlines every Tuesday. Each week they play, the crowd gets bigger - more and more people are catching the buzz and coming down to check 'em out.

Doing some research on them, they all have varied pasts in performing and the world of live music. They've paid their dues. Everything is in place. The songs, the dynamics, the energy - they look and sound like a rock band's supposed to (or a soul group... not sure which and don't wanna label 'em).

Lately they've been introducing new songs, stretching out the familiar ones, interacting with the crowd; Ty loves to dance with the audience and every note he sings is from the heart. Nalle plays with force and chops the hell out of his Les Paul with his leads. The guy is a guitar god. Rick holds it rock steady, keeping the bottom end in place and making people's asses move. Richard keeps it deep in the pocket and holds it down. And don't forget Charlie! His background vocals and harmonica adds a secret spice to the mix.
It's easy to see why this band is on their way up.

Ty Taylor - vocals
Richard Danielson - drums
Ty Taylor and Vintage Trouble
Nalle Colt - lead guitar
Rick Barrio Dill - bass and vocals
(not pictured - Charlie Brumbly - harmonica and backing vocals)

Check out their CD "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" available on iTunes and Amazon

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