Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UltraLove : Ultra Live


Mondays just haven't been the same at Harvelle's since UltraLove started his weekly residency. UltraLove is in fact a dude who's real name is Mike.

Go figure.
UltraLove - the band- is funky with sweet classic retro-pop overtones. Sing-along choruses abound as the R&B/Soul grooves stretched out. This made the hip young crowd on the famous black and white checkerboard dance 'n' shake & shake 'n' dance.

The band has about 7 or 8 people in it. All exceptional musicians with an obvious love for performing and playing - but the funkiness shines through brightest of all. From the deep bottom end of the slap bass, to the Isley Bros guitar tone, to the classic Billy Preston keyboard sounds, Ultralove keeps it authentic, employing 2 incredible back-up singers who smooth out the sound.
Mondays belong to UltraLove at Harvelles, but he seems more than willing to share the night with his opening act.
Melissa Harding opened the night with a set of upbeat acousti-songs that really stressed the vocal harmonies of Melissa and her co-singer Boo Rutledge. Lotsa stage prescence!! Great stuff and definitely one to watch.
UltraLove plays every Monday.

Happy Monday to Joseph, Guy, Candise, Sheena, Spanky, DJ As-Is, Joel Van Dijk and the girl from Venice named Jade.

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