Sunday, November 7, 2010

Café R & B : Finger Poppin'

I'm glad I made it out tonight.
I haven't seen Café R&B in a couple of months (!), so I knew I needed to be there tonight. something about 'em soothes my soul, makes me forget my worries for a bit... the longer the better...

Roach is a love rush

Café R&B enjoy the blues.
Café R&B personify the blues.

Tonight was no exception... the gang was all there and I made it in time for a pair of my favorite jams "Evil" and "Shine" which had Harry (organ) and Byl (guitar) playing back 'n' forth like rogue bluesmen battling El Diablo for the return of Robert Johnson's soul!
Byl Caruthers on lead guitar
Bobby Pickett's bass face
above: Don Swanson's got the beat!
below: Harry Cohen crushes on the B3
All that's left to say is one word.
That's it.
One word to describe the pandemonium-enducing ultra-female that fronts this quintet. She always looks and sounds good, she always digs deep down and she always delivers 'til she can't deliver no more!!!!

Saturday night fever, indeed.
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