Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The UltraLove Definition :
LOVE To The Extreme

What is Ultralove?
Let's break it down!
We all know what LOVE is!
There's many kinds of love.
So many, that I could write a daily blog about love and all the ways love manifests itself. Poems, songs, books, sculptures, paintings, relationships - so many are about love! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's pretty well covered.
So let's move on to "ULTRA"!
The dictionary definition:
ultra- |ˈəltrə|
1 beyond; on the other side of 2 extreme; to an extreme degree

Ultralove is a band that plays at Harvelle's at the beginning of every week. Their nu-skool alt-R&B keeps it fresh enough to bring people out on a Monday night; the infectious hooks and silk smooth harmonies always leave their songs in my head long after the music has ended.

Tonight, triple threat Jon Swift (singing/ rapping/ keys) took 64 bars to plead his case to the responsive crowd. Swift is part of House Of Vibe/ Westside Tribe. He performs at Harvelle's every Wednesday!

Right before the end of the last song none other than Toledo Diamond of The Toledo Show took the stage for a smoke and an extended verse! Toledo brings you into his rough & tumble world from the first note out of his mouth. "T" always plays it cool!

Ultralove plays every Monday night.
The Ultralove CD "[rev-o-lu-tion]" is available : iTunes + Amazon


UltraLove said...

thank u so much for the support and love Nick. u are a poet urself.

Anonymous said...

Brra brra bbrra.. Massacre in the house!! 100.. Out