Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vintage Trouble : Take The Shot!!!

Vintage Trouble never disappoint.

They have spent the last week in the studio non-stop recording their second album, which judging by the new ones they have been playing live, should be a soul-stirring collection of great songs. Right after the set tonight, the guys from VT packed up and headed back to the studio to go 'til the break of dawn.

Here's the photographic proof of last night's rip-roaring son-of-a-gun performance! The band members are Nalle Colt-guitars, Richard Danielson-drums, Rick Barrio Dill-bass/vocals, Charlie Brumbly-vocals/harmonica/tambourine and of course the amazing frontman Ty Taylor tearing it up on vocals!!

Vintage Trouble does this every Tuesday at Harvelle's.
If you haven't had trouble in your life, get some!!!
I come from Vintage Trouble
Look out if I’m the one you found
I’ll pop your bubble
With my live wire, straight shooting dirty mouth...
-Blues Hand Me Down

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