Friday, December 24, 2010

HOV : The Tony Tarasco Roast PT.2

The Tony Tarasco Roast / House Of Vibe All Stars night was so epic it needed two postings. I didn't even mention in the last post that Chali 2na was hangin' out that night. Chali always heats it up at Harvelle's when he plays with HOV. And with the Tabasco™ fire lit under Mr T, Chali brought it to it's boiling point!!
Pics taken with the Hipstamatic™ app for the iPhone!

That's Chali 2na having a great time!
Kris Hawkins solo-ing through "Maggot Brain"
Greg Raymond gets down on the keys
Tony and Deploi on the m-i-c.

Jon Swift caught in the act
Tony adjusts his coiffure as Brew intros the next high-larious roaster
Chali 2na gets it done!
This "roaster's" delivery was a crowd pleaser.
Brew 'splains the "roast rules" to Tony
Cyrus took a shot at the sizzling Mr Tarasco
This "roaster" sported Tony's Baltimore Orioles Jersey.
Deploi leavin' 'em in a trail of smoke
Sebastian and Dan are 1/3rd of the HOV horn section
Amy Lou shakes her moneymaker
Chali frontin' the band
Ijeoma sings "Be Thankful"
Bassist Corey Cofield
Deploi and Chali rip it up.

House Of Vibe All-Stars play a set of wicked funk and hip-hop mixed with some badass soul and reggae every Wednesday night at Harvelle's. Some of the best musicians play for HOV, and you never know who might sit-in. They got horns and guitars and keyboards and many rappers and singers. And Amy Lou on percussion!

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