Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Dave Band : Tales From The San Fernando Valley

The Just Dave Band is Dave Bernal on vocals guitar andharmonica, Chad Watson on bass, Nick Amoroso on drums and Aaron Tap on guitar.Johnny Stachela sat in on a couple songs on guitar. His SG was in the shop so he played the hell out of his Les Paul instead.

Dave Bernal (aka Just Dave or J.D.) is a folk/blues player whose prowess on his instruments is second only to his songs ; tales of love set in the San Fernando Valley.

As a native of Van Nuys (the pearl of the SFV oyster) I can truly appreciate Dave's take - us valley-ites being judged for years due to Nicolas Cage as the "new waver" in the movie Valley Girl, cheap digs in Clueless (the Beverly Hills kids get mugged in the valley), Fast Times At Ridgemont High's mall scenes being set in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, and of course Frank Zappa's unleashing of Valley-speak in the

classic "Valley Girl" that kinda set it all off.

Dave's work has nothing to do with
any of the above. He rides
through the streets of the valley with his six-stringer and makes impossible sounds through his harmonica. Catch him driving on the 101 or at a venue in the 818.

Special nod of gratitude to Deborah Foreman, Moon-unit Zappa, E.G. Daly, Stacey Dash, Birmingham High School Alums Sascha Escandon, Carlos Vera, Mariko Henderson, Leslie Deutsch & Andrea Wilson and The Blade Barbershop at Victory and Balboa!!

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