Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UltraLove : Good Times!!

Ultralove is a breath of fresh air. Sort of like a cool young Steely Dan with a dynamic front man. Ultra Dan? Steely Love? But let's not forget that Ultralove's players are top-notch and dazzling. Like "the Dan" they throw it down with precision and soul. Their employment of modern poetic lyrics infused with the voices of Love Logiq and Soul Star are two of the many layers of sound. The band proper - Mike Gunn on bass, Seth Murphy on drums, Adam Berg on keys and Douglas Showalter on guitar are as smoothed out and/or edgy as they wanna be. Ultimately, they make intellectual danceable music and the audience seems to agree.

Showalter is blessed with the ability to play the "funk chord" (the greatest chord ever). The funk chord is that little rhythm chik-a-chik that characterizes funk and soul. Most famously made popular by the 1970's band Chic, Douglas plays it with a magic infused by the spirit of guitarist Nile Rodgers.
Mike 'Ultralove' Wagner fronts the band. Soul Star and Love Logiq provide the hot background vocals that are an integral part of the UltraLove sound.
Adam Berg on keys can channel Billy Preston or just lay back and bring atmosphere.
Mike Gunn on bass, Seth Murphy on drums and Douglas Showalter on guitar.

Speaking of Nile Rodgers, he has revealed he is fighting an "aggressive cancer" and is recovering from "radical surgery". In a recent blogpost, Rodgers called his October diagnosis the instant when "everything in my happy-music universe imploded". After consulting several physicians, Rodgers said he underwent surgery to remove the tumour. He is now recovering at home, and wants to "share an appreciation of life, music and people". "(Chic) did fun music meant to lift the spirit – and I'm proud of it."
Here's to a speedy and full recovery!!
Read Nile's blog [Nile Rodger's blog]

UltraLove plays at Harvelle's every Monday night.
Check out the UltraLove CD "Revolution".


Anonymous said...

Ultra is a G!

Anonymous said...

He is so amazing and talented and sexy.