Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage Trouble : Hands Across The Water

Vintage Trouble is about to invade England. Those Brits ain't gonna know what hit 'em!! If you follow this blog even casually, you know about Vintage Trouble. Together now for just a year, they have signed a management deal with Doc McGhee. Doc has managed the careers of Motley Crue and Bon Jovi. He took those bands to the highest levels and made 'em both household names. Doc needs a new band he can make as big as them. Hello Vintage Trouble!!

The confirmed dates as they have been printed are the following : Tue 8th Feb - Gibson Rooms, Showcase, Wed 9th Feb - Proud Galleries, Camden (Music Week presents "Breakout") and Sat 12th Feb - Barfly, Camden, HMV best new bands show.
There won't be a "Trouble Tuesday" for a couple of weeks, which kinda sucks. I'm addicted to my Tuesday nights at Harvelle's. The "Troublemakers" are a great group to hang out with. And it's always fun watching the people who are there for the first time as they witness the band and the jaw-dropping power they project. Lead singer Ty Taylor is a master at pleasing the crowd. He sings, he shakes, he sweats, he shouts, he smiles...
and it's all for you!!
I think they're gonna kick ass in the UK.
They do it at Harvelle's every Tuesday.

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