Monday, March 21, 2011

Dessy DiLauro : Jumpin' & Jivin'

Dessy DiLauro does it right! Bringin' her amazing voice and compelling material, she gets the party started and represents as an extended part of (long running Wednesday night residents) House Of Vibe Allstars! Chea!!

As a first-class singer, Dessy colors her own shade of neo-soul, and doesn't shy away from the sonic power her voice possesses! Her behind-the-scenes partner, Ric'key Pageot is a songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist/ programmer/ producer. He is nothing less than a genius of a musician who gives as dazzling a display of keyboard wizardry as Dessy does on vocals.
Just released is Jump N' Jivin' - Live at The Swing House [Buy it here!] This 7 song CD, captures Dessy at her best - in a live setting. Ric'key and the band's playing is sparkling and fresh and reminds me of the best of 70s and 80s funk/R&B. They add their own ingredients - mixing in ragtime, disco, breakbeats and classic pop songwriting hooks that equal as satisfying and original a collection as I've heard all year!

They'll be performing this Wednesday BEFORE House Of Vibe! Come early (8:30 pm) and check 'em out! [Dessy's Website]
Special welcome back shout-out to Brew, Fish & Corey!
Happy Birthday Guy Harrington!

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