Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hilary Van Lier : New Tracks!!!

Hilary Van Lier is the chanteuse with the mostest!! She writes great songs and she sings like delicious candy! Sweet and satisfying!! I'm quite happy to hear new tracks by this reclusive and beautiful vocalist!! (When you coming back to Harvelle's Hilary?)

Hilary mines deep down in her soul for feelings, accesses them raw, and polishes 'em til they're reflective and smooth. This is what I wanna listen to!!

Now available on iTunes, do yourself a favor, and treat yourself to Hilary's Layin' Low EP. [buy it here]

NOW, do the following:
-If you're on Facebook, LIKE her [Facebook page]
-Check her out on Reverb Nation [reverb nation]
-Follow Hilary on Twitter [twitter]
-Buy Hilary's track "Can't Pretend (Wear Me Down)". It's exclusively on iTunes [buy it here]

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