Monday, May 16, 2011

Café R & B : Baby Get It On!!

And so begins a raucous night full of skin-tight grooves and skin-tight dresses! Cafe R&B hit it out of the park and bring it all back home!! The result is a slam-bang home run that leave the audience cheering and leave the suited up band spent - though proudly wearing  the "W"!!

Everyone loves Café R&B, and as near as I can tell it's vice versa. The sheer amounts of love Roach sends is proof. I love everything about this band and so does everyone here tonight. My favorite song they do is "Phonecall From Levenworth" but every song is electrifying and their sets run the gamut of rock 'n' roll to grimey blues to heartfelt soul.

Bobby Pickett is the head-bobbing bassist with the bottom end like no other. Check out his recent article* in the 2011 Blues Festival Guide!! Harry Cohen jammed the wicked organ and drummer Don Swanson was in absentia due to injury, leaving Adam Gust holding the sticks. He did a totally righteous job!! Played like a champ!! Here's wishing Don a speedy recovery and looking forward to his return to the throne. Watching Byl Caruthers dominate his axes make me almost feel sorry for the Stratocaster and the others, but their pain is all for art. And music.  Beautiful fuckin' music!!!

*Blues Festival Guide Magazine 2011 (p.52—54) - [click on the article to enlarge]

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