Monday, May 16, 2011

I Got The Munchies For Your Ultralove

Ultralove is the man.

His Monday nights at Harvelle's are becoming the party place to be. Ultralove celebrates the beginning of each new work week by giving back to the community with his righteous grooves and ridiculously talented band. Every week they seem to play harder and engage the crowd more and more.

Doug Showalter on dynamite guitar, plays with flash and verve, not to mention his re-interpretation of funk as it fits the unique Ultralove model.

Jon Piazza (aka Jon Swift) sat in on keys - on loan from Wednesday's mid-week massive House Of Vibe All Stars - and threw down in a way he doesn't generally - that is showcasing his considerable keyboard chops!! 

Bassist Mike Gunn is having so much fun on stage it's truly joyful to watch (and hear) him dominate his 5-stringed beauty. The contrast in personalities with the lead singer creates a sort of dynamic duo; a Richards/Jagger or Page/Plant kinda vibe.

This week, singers Love Logiq and Soul Star were absent, so the sound was much more focused on the band's playing which is skin-tight and pocket deep due in large part to accomplished drummer Seth Murphy. He keeps the rhythm going - his hits per pound pack a wallop. I'm sure he's practicing in-between Mondays cuz he's making the songs "groove"-ier and with more rhythmic depth every time I see 'em.

Special guests like Toledo (of the Toledo Show) and the very rock-star haired rapper Joe Con understand the appeal of Ultralove's vibe and shared the stage adding flava, to make it that much better!

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