Sunday, May 29, 2011

John Nemeth : Another Perfect Night

Sometimes, a night at Harvelle's is like a B-12 shot in the arm. 
It's just what I needed. 
Tonight was one of those nights. 
The end of a long week is that much worse when you realize it's only a Thursday and there's still one more day until the weekend. 

One more day to go. 
I could have the time of my life and call in sick tomorrow which is preferable to staying up all night and showing up with hand-stamp ink and cigarette stink still on me... (This will no doubt piss off my cubicle dwelling co-workers). There's friends here, John's bartending and good times apparently await me, as John Nemeth is one of the coolest cats I've seen in a while. Upbeat party goodtime music and I found myself dancing to a slow number with Heather who was there with one of her wildest friends. (pictured here). 

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