Friday, June 3, 2011

Koffeehouse Sessions :
Catching Ghosts & Spinning Tales

The Koffeehouse night at Harvelle's has developed into one of the premiere showcases of new talent in Los Angeles.
Tonight's event opened with Genuine Brandish. 
The duo of Ariana Hall and guitarist/singer Tony Clinebell are at the center of this "group" which incorporates collaborations with percussionists, singers and poets. Arianna multi-tasked, tapping her glockenspiel, playing the piano & guitar and sharing her voice.
Chris Accardo has brought his singer/songwriter game to a whole new level. With his talented backing musicians Jacob Fatoorechi and Reade Pryor, they created sweeping cosmic landscapes from Accardo's emotional radio-ready songs. Chris' singing and playing surrounds the room with intense drama and nothing but big things are in his future. I'm gonna call attention to a favorite jam of his I like called "Maybe".

Caught A Ghost brought a 7 piece group - with an 'artsy' stage set-up - (primarily dressed in white - with a film loop of various clips and images projected onto themselves as they performed) - in which they presented an original update of the Motown/Stax sound, complete with horn arrangements, keys, bass, drums and a little shing-a-ling guitar, with backing vocals courtesy of the lovely Tessa Thompson. Tessa, who is a talented actress stood slightly "stage right" of the lead singer, backing him with her heart and soul (and a tiny tambourine).

Koffeehouse sessions is held at Harvelle's the first Thursday of the month.

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