Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Boneshakers : On-The-One & Then Some

The Boneshakers are an electric funk experience like none other. The 5 piece of Randy Jacobs (g), Dave McGraw (d), Tio Banks (k), Andre Barry (b) and legendary Sweet Pea Atkinson (v) electrifies the night!!

Randy Jacobs and The Boneshakers only come around Harvelle's about once a year. Tonight was the night!! Randy Jacobs is an amazing guitarist. In a club where amazing guitarists are featured several nights a week, Randy is the best of the best... knitting blankets of chik-a-chik funk and laying down blistering solos without a guitar pic. Randy isn't just a straight-up finger player - the boneshaker - hisself - uses his wrist, his palm, his digits - front and back - to play that thing! [MySpace][YouTube]

The frontman of The Boneshakers is the one and only Sweet Pea Atkinson. Sweet Pea is an O.G. soul singer who has seen it all and done it all. He doesn't sugarcoat a thing. One of the icons who's image looms high in the club, Sweet Pea also plays here as part of Was (Not Was).

Randy just released his CD The Return Of Randy Dynamite
it's available at all the usual outlets

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