Monday, July 11, 2011

The Toledo Show : The Return Of Brian Allen
Plus Dessy DiLauro brings it!!

The Toledo Show is a never ending burlesque journey through grimey back alleys filled with unknown vices, sweaty women, tons of cigar smoke and all that stuff that seems cool until you're neck deep in it, and then it's just a daily reminder of how low down and filthy life can be.

But lucky for us, every Sunday we get to celebrate this life source and dance and party and dance some more while Toledo preaches the funk. We watch as Toledo's "Dames" dance with wild abandon - swinging from the ceiling, dancing on the bar (above), bumpin' and grindin' through the crowd and across the dance floor just for your extreme voyeuristic pleasure.

Bringing a short glimpse of what this coming Thursday will bring, hep-hop fro-hawked diva Dessy DiLauro (pictured above with partner Ric'key Pageot far right on the keys) kicked off the second set of the night with a look at her new video ("Why You Raggin'?"), which will debut proper Thursday, July 14, right here at Harvelle's. Dessy and Ric'key did a couple of their new songs, which revved the crowd up for what turned into a spectacularly raging set by The Toledo Show. While they are always "on point", The Toledo Show was extra electric tonight, perhaps spurned on by the return of fistful-of-dynamite bassist Brian Allen (pictured below - with saxophonist Walter Davis).

The Toledo Show happens every Sunday night at Harvelle's.

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