Thursday, August 4, 2011

James Gadson : The Funky Drummer
10,000 People Can't be Wrong!!

Using a Canon G-10, I shot this clip of James Gadson on the drums playing one of the beats he "owns"; "Use Me", the Bill Withers classic that Gadson righteously layed down for the groove. Gadson used to sit in on Monday night at Harvelle's as part of blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher's residency. This particular session, the band approached the tune reverentially, but other then the original funked-up drum part, the jam lacks the beauty of the original. I have issues with the vocalist, but then again, Bill Withers was an exceptional singer and almost anyone would have trouble covering one of his tunes better than himself, however, props to the guy for trying and this clip is about James Gadson anyway!!

Recently this video reached it's 10,000 view!!
10,000 people checking out Gadson's grooves!!

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dave widow said...

James Gadson, is a legend...I have had the extreme pleasure of working with him, and am truly blessed to be able to call him my friend.. His drum skills are extraordinary, his vocals are one of a kind...I cant say enough about him, both as a person, and a musician! God Bless James Gadson!