Wednesday, August 3, 2011

House Of Vibe : Wed Night Leo Party TONIGHT!!

The House Of Vibe AllStars is a collective of players, singers and rappers who get together every Wednesday night to stir souls and kick out the jams. Not all at once of course, but a night with HOVAS is like a cool party. It starts mellow but ends up a full-out bash. You never know who's gonna drop by!!

Anthony Brewster
Shaunte and Sebastian
Cecilia Noel
Kris Hawkins
Greg Raymond
Amy Lou
Myka 9
Chali 2na and LaidLaw

It's funk, it's hip-hop, it's soul and r&b. There's nothing like it anywhere else. Every Wednesday, Brew and the crew get down like it's the last day on earth.
Like it's 1999.
It must be experienced to be understood.
A HOVAS show is like surfing a giant wave on an inflatable ass. It's like getting yelled at for playing your drums too loud - and not caring. It's like winning at chess and selling the most candy bars. It's impossible not to have a memorable time.

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