Wednesday, September 28, 2011

House Of Vibe : The Men

The Men
(of House Of Vibe)

The Men was a TV series on ABC in 1972-73 an umbrella title for three adventure series: Assignment Vienna, Jigsaw, and The Delphi Bureau. The common element in each of the series was that its hero was a rugged individualist, working essentially alone with little or no supervision on matters of vital interest. The program was originally aired on Thursday nights with each element appearing in a regular rotation, every third week, but when the program was moved to Saturday nights in January 1973 the elements began to be aired with several episodes of the same element appearing in consecutive weeks. The theme from The Men was a classic Isaac Hayes cut.(Wikipedia)

Deploi (w Dessy) 

The House Of Vibe plays every Wednesday at Harvelle's. This coming week, they will be joined by Dessy DiLauro (and Ric'key Pageot), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5, Ozomotli) and Joi (Goodie Mob) as well as in-house rappers Deploi, Jon Swift, Freewill and you never know who might drop in!

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