Monday, November 21, 2011

The Toledo Show : The Dames!

I almost think that if you're not cool enough to have shown up to see The Toledo Show, you're not worthy of seeing The Dames. You're lucky. I'm giving you a sneak peek, not just because "sex sells", but perhaps if you don't know, you'll come check it out. 

Still pictures - even HD video - doesn't do The Toledo Show justice. It's an experience of light and sound and funk and a virtual walk down the back alleys of Toledo Diamond's cerebral private universe. Is it fiction? Or are these true tales from Toledo's adventures? One never knows, do one?  So here for your pleasure, a small gallery from a recent Sunday Toledo Show.

DJ Mic on the mic keeps the club hits bangin' all night long!!
Dame Leah is sho nuff sittin' on a goldmine!

Tonight, along with Sebastian Leger (keys, trumpet, vocals), Seth Murphy (d) and Mike Gunn (b)were The Toledo Show back line. Bringing it deep and low, loud and fresh, uncomplicated and true, they handled their debut with The Toledo Show with fire and much aplomb!! Check them out as the drum and bass of Ultralove; they play at Harvelle's every Monday.
And by the way...
you're still not worthy.

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