Monday, November 21, 2011

Toledo & Ultralove : The King and Prince Of Harvelle's

 There is a genuine bromance going on between the front men of The Toledo Show and Ultralove - Toledo Diamond and Mike "Ultralove" Wagner respectively. I don't know who started it, but at some point in each of their shows (Toledo's on Sunday, Ultralove's on Monday) the other will make a guest appearance and bring a different kind of funk to the repertoire for a few minutes.

The video above is of The Toledo Show, but ironically Ultralove's drummer (Seth Murphy) and bassist (Mike Gunn) were the acting back line for The Toledo Show on that particular night. Ultralove stepped to the mic extra confidently and spit a cool 16 bars over Toledo's funky-as-shiz "Run Chicken Little" riff, which then evolved into an impromptu duet between the two with Toledo calling Ultralove his "hero" and Ultralove getting on his knees to perform the "i'm not worthy"gesture.

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