Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Trouble : Shut Up! And Play!!

The UK has long been known for appreciating "American" music (jazz/blues/soul/r&b) in a much more fanatical way then us, their Yankee counterparts. True to form, those across the pond have discovered Vintage Trouble, in a way that America just hasn't yet. Despite their countless performances across this land and over there, perhaps we're just too vast to embrace them. As hard as they are to miss once you've met 'em, if you don't know, well... then you just don't know.

If great songs, amazing musicianship, hard work, cool clothes and real "soul" music are not enough stimulus for ya, it might be time to check off this planet or at least develop a relationship with mind-altering substances on the regular, cuz you just ain't wit it!

Here's some notes from the road:
Nov 12, 2011 (Middlesbrough, UK) "Tonight, had great day with 200 kids as we did a show for them at Malsis School, Cross Hills. Yeah they rocked!" - Nalle Colt"We played a show today in Yorkshire - UK for 100s of private school kids from 6 years old to high school. My life has been changed this day. I have been reconnected to youthful joy. Tonight we play Middlesboro - UK. Bring it, TroubleMakers. Reconnect me with adult joy. (wink wink)" - Ty Taylor
CONGRATULATIONS!!Nov 9 2011 (London)Vintage Trouble Accepting their 2011 CLASSIC ROCK AWARDS for BEST NEW BAND!!
Click below to read this brief interview with the band upon accepting their "Best New Band 2011" award:


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So proud of how well VT is being received around the world :)