Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dessy DiLauro : Beaded, Braided, Bangled And Confetti'ed

Sometimes a hairdo is a sub-culture - like balding dudes who shave their heads or people with dreadlocks. Like women who wear pixies or beehives, their hair in a tight bun or pony-tails, obviously hair is of huge importance in our society.

Dessy describes herself as "Feathered Fro-hawk Futuristic Art Deco Centric Harlem Renaissance Hep Music" which is an all-encompassing depiction of both her music and her personal style including her distinctive hair and even more distinctive hair-pieces that she designs and wears onstage. Her recent performances have been filled with guests from her universe, which is full of marvelous performers from both the music and circus worlds. (Her music director Ric'key Pageot is keyboardist for Madonna and Cirque Du Soleil)

Dessy and Ric'key will be representing House Of Vibe for the next few Wednesdays while HOV members Anthony Brewster (vocals/keys), Pete Antunes (drums) and Corey Cofield (bass) are on tour with Chali 2na. Come out and get hep!

Rapper Deploi
Horn players
Tap dancer Sarah Reich was awestruck and inspired
Ric'key's Curveboard stops the show
Rapper Anon
Singer Anthony Brewster
Dessy amid Harvelle's followers and fans
Sarah with drummer Chaun

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