Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ultralove Meet Jessie : Jessie Meet Ultralove

Ultralove's Monday night residency at Harvelle's in Santa Monica is one of the secret treasures that the beloved little spot on 4th St. holds within. Any night of the week, great blues, jazz and burlesque are featured attractions, but on Monday nights, the guy who goes by the name Ultralove, brings his own Philly-flavored roster of songs - sung and rapped - and backed by his super-tight, deep-in-the-pocket group (aka The Suns Of Bitches). 
Seems like Harvelle's fave, singer Jessie Payo has been smitten with a case of the Ultraloves! Yes, Ms. Payo, has written a piece on Mr. Ultralove for NOHO ARTS DISTRICT.COM [read it here] and he has her nose wide open!! Check out the video below to see why!!

"...more than a target for women’s under-garments, he uses his music as a platform for changing the world for the better."

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