Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blues And Burlesque : A Monster Combo

Blues and burlesque seem like a perfect combo. Especially dirty, grimy blues. Fucked up blues. Deranged bluesmen pumping three chords louder and louder, twin guitars dueling while the harp player blows like a hurricane and a singer in a red three-piece suit bellows through a homemade bullhorn, which only serves to distort and fuck things up further. Molly, a burlesque dancer of some note and a Toledo Show "Dame", threw herself around like a voluptuous rag doll, psychotically blazing a sexy scene to the delight of both the boys in the band and the folks on the floor. Take a look for yourself:

The Band is 'Smokehouse' Brown (guitar), 'Pink' Arguello (vocals), Henry Carvajal (guitar), Tom Fillman (drums), Johnny Mastro (harmonica) and Bobby Tsukamoto (bass).

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