Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Audible Mainframe : Hip-Hop Truant Officers

Hip-Hop pretenders beware!
Sans gold chains, grills, bling, vintage Jordans, fitted Starter caps - any of the trappings of modern day "rap music" - Audible Mainframe is a Boston band based in Los Angeles. They have spent the month playing Wednesday's at Harvelle's. Every week this sextet has stretched the limitations of hip-hop like a silly putty comic transfer - elongated and twisted, but still ultimately recognizable. 

Their tight 50 minute set packs enough power output to fire up a city block for a fortnight, and that you won't forget! Audible Mainframe is a truly memorable band with great hooks, a killer DJ and a front man - Exposition - who knows how to rock a mic and get a party started. The other guys wield their instruments (guitar/bass/drums/keys/trumpet) like heavy artillary that they are trained to deploy.

Catch them tonight.
9:30 sharp!

followed by 
The House Of Vibe All-Stars.

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