Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cafe R&B On A Saturday Night!

Another Saturday night, another sumptuous meal served up by the hands of Cafe R&B chefs. But it's not a restaurant - it's a state -of-mind - so be prepared to be filled spoonful by delicious spoonful of their evol brew.

Cafe R&B - the Southern California based rhythm and blues group dedicated to rockin' you  into a sweaty frenzy. In this case Harvelle's was the target of their blues explosion. Packing the dance floor, the mighty Roach lead the crowd through her double-edged Saturday night party/Sunday morning repentance vibe, as only someone who's lived it can! Roach is the real deal!!!

Byl Caruthers on guitar is a modern day bluesman with the chops and edginess of someone who grew up in the Mississippi delta. 

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