Monday, July 27, 2009

Soul Funk Roundup : Ryan Cross Brings It!

Soul Funk!

What is it?
Ryan Cross, bass player, has assembled a night of miscellaneous jazz, funk, soul, R&B - a conglomeration of styles and people gathered here every session for your dancing and listening pleasure. There's always surprise guests and top notch singers and players and the most beautiful crowd you'll encounter on the West side on a Tuesday night.

The pix below are a sampling of recent guests who have soul-funked Harvelle's.

The one and only Nikki Grier.

Robert Miller, Ryan Cross and Dennis Hamm

Tricia Battani shakes her groove thang. Ryan Cross on bass.

Rachel Sierra gives it her all, Tom McNally (lft) on guitar.

Dennis Hamm works it out.

Dezmond Meeks and Keyrei join Tricia Battani on stage.

Tom McNally takes the lead. Rachel Sierra on the right.

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