Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Trouble : Hold On!!

Weekday nights at Harvelle's have become a respite from the grind, and thusly created a Saturday Night experience, even though it's only a Tuesday.

Vintage Trouble have a real "veni vidi vici" approach and the packed(!) house is testament to that!! Heavily populated by pretty young girls, the crowd sang along with wild abandon, shook their asses on the dance floor and screamed and shouted in response to everything that sharp-dressed lead singer Ty Taylor put out there.

Soulful rock is too benign a term, but their rock 'n' roll is a mix of hyped-up vintage Rolling Stones with a benzedrine-d Otis Redding on vocals!! They're smooth as silk and hard as nails.

Check them out every Tuesday.
Come early and be prepared to get down on Harvelle's black & white checkerboard dance floor.

Special thanks to bartender Mika for keeping everybody liquid and happy.

Tomorrow night : Get your party on with the House Of Vibe All Stars!!! Brew and the crew will be setting the roof ablaze, and hosting The Boxing Ghandis, so come early to check them out! DJ Vicious Lee will be on the wheels of steel, and I think it's Biff Chitlin's birthday; you never know what will happen when that guy's around!!! Guess I'll see you there - and as Brew likes to say "Chea!!"

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Location:4th St,Santa Monica,United States

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