Thursday, July 29, 2010

Housin' and Vibin' @ Harvelle's!!

House Of Vibe is the Wednesday night house band at Harvelle's. Their combination of hip-hop, jazz, r&b, soul, rock and funk is as original as it is infectious. Tonight (as noted in the last entry) is Bif Chitlin's birthday. It is also Michael Bolger's, who sat in on trumpet!!
Besides being a birthday party, it was also a homecoming of sorts - band leader Brew has been on the road with De La Soul (and recently backed Talib Kweli on the Jimmy Kimmel Show) - and that's always cause for celebration.
Brew is thankful for what he gots
Amy Lou
Jon Swift
Ijeoma Njaka
Kris Hawkins
Greg Raymond
Michael Bolger

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Location:4th St,Santa Monica,United States

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