Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chris Cain : Blues Brother

Over the weekend - Friday night actually - I made a point to go out to see Chris Cain. He is a complete and total guitar playin' bluesman.

He is a bluesman's bluesman.
I have proof.
I got a text message that alerted me "half the Harvelle's roster is here!!"

When I arrived there was Kirk Fletcher, Joey Delgado, Key Frances, Dennis Jones and Cadillac Zack all their to worship the godlike genius of Chris Cain. I think that's all the proof anyone would need.
"Don't judge a book by it's cover" Bo Diddley used to say.
Never was it truer than with Chris Cain.

Dressed in his trademark overalls, with his wild head-nodding while he plays, it's almost as if he's shaking the music loose - something he couldn't do if he stood still. Whatever the reason, his sound comes from a place few of us have been. Chris Cain digs down into the depths and plays & sings the blues with aplomb and fraternal recognition.

The blues and Chris Cain - brothers.
the B3 guy and the bass player holding it down
Kirk Fletcher

If you have the opportunity to see Chris Cain live - DO IT!
If you were there then you know...

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