Monday, November 8, 2010

Koffeehouse Sessions : Out of The Fire...

Zosia's effervescent. The Koffeehouse/BMI Sessions at Harvelle's have long garnered the attention of the industry, and some of the most buzzworthy acts in Southern California are dropping by and proving why they are potential future stars.
But back to Zosia. [check out her web prescence: YouTube, MySpace, iTunes]
Fresh of face - with her blonde hair piled high in a bun on the top of her head and a black babydoll frock - these are just accoutrements to surround her sweet voice and unconventional backing (percussion and reverb-y electric guitar) which created a swirly tunnel of sound. She was like a Holly Golightly via 1980's label Le Disque du Crepescule. Zosia's spontaneity was due in part to musicians Anthony Sanudo and Irwin who were enlisted as her backing musicians at the last minute.
Chris Accardo delivered a passionate set - his songwriting and singing stronger than ever; adding some real strength and masculinity to the genre. A powerful performance! Chris Accardo with John Schroeder and Reade Pryor
Chris Accardo with Koffeehouse hostess Anastacia Rourk
Dani Nicole set the night off with her band that included Chris Vazquez, Jake Hayden and Ruby Biloskirka.

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Anonymous said...

Love this event every month! Thanks for the rundown.