Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Haunted Harvelle's Presents
The Toledo Show's Halloween!
(Adieu Ashley!!)

October 31, 2010 :
Harvelle's historic Halloween haunt hovers on the hysterical, as handsome heros and hi-heeled heroines - hotter than hell - hold horizontally and whore their hollow halls, high as heaven.
OH! and it was Dame Ashley's last dance. The Texas beauty is returning to her roots. I wish her the best! She will be missed.

aerialist Leigh Acosta high above it all

Specialist of thanks to the whole Toledo Show posse : The Dames - Erin, Mindy and Ashley• the band - Walter Davis (sax) Asa Watkins (drums) Anthony Brewster (keys) Brian Allen (bass) Alyson Montez (violin) Sebastian Legar (trumpet/keys) & DJ Vicious Lee (turntables)• the vocals - Shamari & Malik• and the man himself Mr Toledo Diamond.

All the love to David and Cevin & the Harvelle's staff - John, Mika, Candise, Guy, Ne$to, Stan, Joseph, Emily, Samantha, Sheena, & Melinda.

A groovy kind of love to Leigh, Jackie & Brian, Miss Heather and Miss Nikky.

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