Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dessy DiLauro : Why You Raggin' - The Video

Why You Raggin'? is the latest video from hep-hop head Dessy Di Lauro.
Ric'key Pageot is Dessy's partner in crime
below: Toledo Diamond twirls dancers Dame Mindy & Dame Erin

 Featuring internationally known choreographer/dancer Toledo Diamond and his 2 fave dancing dames - Erin Bridges and Mindy Cantu - Dessy DiLauro's Why You Raggin' video brings a magical burst of color to video screens everywhere!! Kudos to director James Elder for a hot blend of visuals that matches the songs energy. [Dessy DiLauro Website]

Dessy DiLauro's EP Jumpin' 'N Jivin' Live @ The Swing House is available at all the usual outlets including Amazon & CD Baby

Harvelle's is hosting a party and performance by Dessy DiLauro on Thursday, July 14, 2011. 

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CD said...

This is the hottest song of the year no doubt! And you're so right the video was really well made, really captured the vibe of the song.