Friday, July 15, 2011

Sue Ann Carwell : First Lady Of Soul

Sue Ann Carwell is amazing! 
One of the blues-iest, most dynamic singers I've had the pleasure of witnessing, she has a deep pedigree as part of The Brides Of Funkenstein/Parlet (the legendary female singers of the Parliament /Funkadelic /George Clinton camp) and with her time (as the First Lady Of Soul Of MPLS) alongside Prince, where she was considered for the lead singer of The Time. She's been on albums by everyone, singing and arranging vocals by top-charters like Britney, Christina and Mya. Her most recent CD Blues In My Sunshine was co-written and produced by the legendary funkster (The Time guitarist) Jesse Johnson.
She stops by Harvelle's from time-to-time - usually as part of blues guitarist Zac Harmon's show. Here she brings it all the way down with a song from her CD : "It's All The Same".

Sue Ann Carwell's CD Blues In My Sunshine is available at all the usual outlets.

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