Monday, July 11, 2011

Ultralove : See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me

Tonight - it's Ultralove!

Mike "Ultralove" Wagner is the up&comer to see.
Ultralove (the band) play every Monday night at Harvelle's and very quietly, it has become the best party night of the week. Ultralove's (the band) sound is hip-hop influenced - but in the hands of a skilled singer/songwriter like Ultralove (the man) and the crack-shot ballistics of Ultralove (the band) - the sound is new and fresh and - ok, i'll say it - it's "baby making music".

That's right.

How this skinny kid from Philly is able to transcend the genres and somehow create a hybrid between Stax style soul, eighties pop hooks, sexy Pendergrass/Prince style eroticism - all with the style and energy of a laid-back funkateer strumming an acoustic guitar - is a beautiful mystery for all of us to enjoy.

Kudos to the band : Doug Showalter (g) Adam Berg (k), Jon Swift (k and rap), Mike Gunn (bassist extrordinaire) and heavy hitter Seth Murphy (d).

Shout out to Chelsea, Shaunte, Sebastian, Lauralee, Brew, Guy and Greg Raymond.

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